Agreement To Receive Text Messages

To receive, access and store communications, which the company sends via email, you need Internet access and a computer or device with a compatible web browser. You also need software that can display files in PDF format. Your device or computer should be able to print or download and record emails and PDF files. By agreeing to these conditions, you confirm that you can receive, access and retain communications that the company can send. You can update your contact information [via the “Contact” form on the site that is linked to the specific text message program you have chosen, Acqua Panna®, Arrowhead®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Nestea®, Nestlé® Pure Life®, Ozarka®, Perrier®, Poland Spring®, Resource®, ReadyRefreshSM, S. Pellegrino®, SANPELLEGRINO® Sparkling Fruit Beverages, Sweet Leaf® Tea, Tradewinds® and Zephyrhills®. User Opt-in: The program allows users to receive mobile SMS by positively opting for the program, for example. B through online registration or application forms. Whatever opt-in method you used to participate in the program, you agree that this agreement applies to your participation in the program. By participating in the program, you agree to automatically receive pre-selected or pre-registered mobile marketing messages to your opt-in phone number, and you understand that no consent is required to make a purchase with us. If you agree to receive messages sent with an automatic dialer, the above is not interpreted as suggesting or implying that any of our mobile messages will be sent via an automatic telephone voting system (ATDS or “Autodialer”).

Message and data rates may apply. As mentioned in the SMS – MMS Marketing Compliance Introduction, consumers must “give explicit written consent” before they can receive marketing messages via SMS. This article discusses the three steps you need to take to obtain the customer`s full consent at checkout. They are: Frequency of messages Let them know if they receive only one message (such as a coupon) or if they agree to sign up for a recurring information campaign, such as notifications or weekly offers. You can include the approximate number of messages that the customer should expect in a given week or month. Sms or text-blasts are an effective marketing tool as long as you follow the TCPA and continue to implement them after customers have legally chosen their messages. The five tips above will help you prevent headaches in the future. In the next section, we will provide a more in-depth overview of the explicit written agreement.

The company and its service providers can use an automatic telephone voting system (“autodial”) to provide you with text messages from the company. The company`s new text messages are intended to provide you with information about the company`s upcoming deliveries and goods and services (. For example, corporate-sponsored events, recipes, coupons, promotions, product launches, contests and contests).