Lenovo Personal Computing Devices Services Agreement

For additional protection, you can extend The First Foundation`s services up to 5 years as an option and add: Lenovo Professional Services or Managed Services With Lenovo Professional Services, you monitor and manage your data center remotely to improve security and reliability and ensure maximum performance and stability. Continuous 24×7 Remote monitoring and proactive management for a customer`s data center with state-of-the-art tools, systems and practices through a team of highly skilled and experienced Lenovo service professionals who can increase staff productivity, improve innovation and improve business outcomes. Lenovo Managed Services offers customers a reduction in the risks of managing complex solutions to improve system availability, capacity and performance. Available only for SAP HANA/BWA, HPC, HX Series Nutanix and hardware/firmware. Essential The Essential Support Level includes all the benefits of Foundation services as well as 4 hours of on-site response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Lenovo Part Number Services (formerly known as IBM ServicePac) is a portfolio of prefabricated Lenovo hardware and software support offerings. It provides customers with easy access to important IT support services at an affordable price and is suitable for customers of all sizes, from consumers to large businesses. This service is on-site support and is only available in the present countries of IBM -YourDrive YourData for servers; Optional for storage devices, the recommended add-ons include extending First Essentials services to 5 years and here`s the following: Lenovo offers a full portfolio of services that support the entire lifecycle of HW 3. Increase availability for critical applications and workloads. The advanced support level includes all the benefits of Essential Services: Lenovo Service Agreement, known as LSCS, is a custom mass support agreement available in all countries. The support is provided by IBM in the countries present on site and provided by a Tier 2 business partner in non-present countries of IBM remote support. .

Lenovo provides remote telephone support in response to the following requests: Let Lenovo`s comprehensive data center support use its technology investments and focus on achieving service delivery goals that give your business a competitive edge. Lenovo Part Number Services (Servicepac) Lenovo Service Agreement (LSA) Warranty Extensions and Upgrades (WSU) Post Warranty Services (PW) Lenovo provides non-Lenovo covered software products, corrective service information and program corrections, if available, and they are authorized to provide known errors.