Still No Stimulus Agreement

Senator Richard J. Durbin (D-III.), the second-highest Democrat in the Senate, participated in the discussions but did not appear with lawmakers at Tuesday`s press conference. In a speech, Durbin cited inconsistencies with the group`s decisions and argued that he should have excluded the liability shield, but said: “I`m always ready to work on it. … Let us not do the best of the enemy of good. Lawmakers have only a few weeks to get the terms of an agreement before Congress on December 21 is postponed for the year. A smaller stimulus package has the potential to pass it by the end of 2020. A second economic review has been pulled from the abyss, with negotiators agreeing to include a new direct payment in the $900 billion covid-19 aid package, which is taking shape after weeks of proposals that have brought down the additional funds. However, a second stimulus check is expected to be carried out at half the payment of $1,200 for the initial check, a cap of $600 for legitimate adults and their loved ones, the Washington Post reported Thursday. But even when Senate Republicans agreed to release their first “stimulus” proposal that rejected the careS Act`s unused money, Trump incidentally suggested at a White House briefing that Congress allow him to use some of the same unused funds for a second stimulus check. This idea didn`t seem to go at all.

What is remarkable is that the $600 money could also be used for drug addicts of all ages. The change, if it came, would potentially involve up to 15 million new people, who would rely on an additional $600 each household, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Although it was not possible Monday to reach agreement on a plan to revive coronavirus, House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi remains “optimistic” that a deal will be reached with the White House before election day. For many Americans who have not lost jobs or have no businesses, the central feature of the CARES Act – passed in March to offset the economic consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic – was the payment of $1,200 per person that he approved. Due to the slowing economic recovery and the acceleration of the pandemic, both sides are very supportive of a second round of stimulus plans.