Utica Community Schools Master Agreement

“In our community, teachers, staff and district leaders have embodied leadership and service in the midst of a very difficult time. UCS is proud of the work done by its teachers during this difficult time,” the press release said. School employees have a lifetime pension when they retire and they are also promised life-long health care after retirement. Based on the public pension formula, the lifetime pension of a Utica teacher with 30 years of experience and an average base salary of $US 88,853 (the last “step” on the single salary plan) would be $39,983. A worker may start collecting a pension if he or she has reached the age of 55 or after 30 years of employment in public schools. The borough also pays $500 to each teacher when it announces its retirement on April 1. In addition, the contract increases the rate of remuneration of teachers for work or additional work outside the contract, such as special training. B, school officials said. The agreement also increases the rate of pay for co-curricular facilitation in sponsored school clubs, athletics and other student activities. The borough will also offer an option to pre-finance teachers` health insurance deductible, and participants will remitle them in stages with a wage deduction, officials said.

On November 4, the union filed an unfair work practice against the District for alleged violation of the Michigan Public Relations Act. The union claimed that the district bargaining team had “committed certain acts of bad faith” and “sent representatives to the negotiating table without the real power to negotiate or reach an agreement.” UCS Superintendent Christine Johns said the treaty reflected a shared commitment to academic excellence. She said that despite recent challenges, the two sides have finally reached an agreement. She said the county had “negotiated in good faith.” According to 2008 Utica School data, health services were paid for by four employees who earned more than $150,000 a year: “Negotiating under these conditions is extremely difficult and that`s why I`m very grateful to the negotiating team,” he said. I know everyone has spent a lot of long hours, and it was very difficult and difficult, but we have reached a resolution – we have a succession agreement. Utica Community Schools and utica Education Association have ratified an agreement between the Macomb County District and its 1,450 teachers, as the authorities announced Monday night.