Kmap Provider Agreement

Reference KMAP General Bulletin 19064. Until further notice, all vendors should submit changes to their vendor data set to KMAP. Kmap is the main contact for these updates. Once updates are received, KMAP will forward requested updates to MCOs. The MCOs then update their records accordingly. All providers who wish to register with an MCO must now access the consolidated application through the vendor`s registration assistant. It is the same tool used to be applied directly with Kansas Medicaid. As a reminder, from July 1, 2019, KanCare MCOs will begin to refuse payments for suppliers that are not actively registered with KMAP. To connect to KMAP, providers can access the vendor`s registration assistant. Suppliers can contact KMAP at 1-800-933-6593 for any questions, including details of their current status on KMAP.

What are the vendor data elements that are essential for claims processing? If you have an interest in applying to us, you must first register in the national supplier registration system. This requirement is governed by the Federal Code Code (BFR) No. 438.602 (b) (1) of Title 42. This rule applies to all types and specialties of the supplier and includes billing, reproduction, ordering, prescribing, reference, sponsorship and supplier participation. For new or recurring suppliers, the paper/verification requirements are identical to the addition of a forecast cost report. For more information, please contact the Finance Oversight Manager program or Nursing`s re-e.g. re-fueling analyst at Since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicaid Managed Care Final Rule is 2390F and 42 CFR 438.602 (b) (1), all kanCare Managed Care Care Organization (MCO) providers who receive payment for KanCare members must be screened and registered on the Kansas Medical Assistance Program (KMAP). If I was already logged in, when should I provide my existing KMAP ID number? Medical provider certification for NEMT Medical Necessity Necessity Nemt Transport Commercial Transportation Services synchronization and the use of the following data elements when billing via MCOs and KMAP is essential for accurate damage processing. The following pieces of data, when they must match a claim, as they were filed at the time of registration (or as a result of the last maintenance request received and processed by KMAP): the hearing aid is rooted in the bones the need for general hearing aids prior authorization to clean up Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Prior Authorization Prior Authorization – Acute Care Home Health Service Plan Request Change In Home Health Service Plan Or Discharge From Services Management Home Health Service Medicaid Home Health Beneficiaries HCBS/FE Adult Day Care Care Log HCBS/FE Assistants Technology Receipt HCBS/FE Comprehensive Support and Personal Care Services Log HCBS/FE Comprehensive Support Log HCBS/FE Nursing Evaluation Visit HCBS/FE Personal Care Services Log HCBS/FE Personnel Care Services Log HCBS/FE Personnel Care Services HCBS TBI Program Eigibility Attestation to whom does the maintenance request be submitted? Serfordere Sterilization Abortion – HHS-687 Consent to Sterilization – HHS 687-1 Spanish Hysterectomy Necessity A written question should be asked at KMAP by fax at 785-266-6112, E-mail or email po Box 3571 Topeka, KS 66601 or 6511 SE Forbes Ave., Topeka, KS 66619.