Rykneld Homes Tenancy Agreement

All Council apartments are rented. The lease defines the respective rights and obligations of the Council as the landlord of the property and the tenant whose dwelling becomes the property. If information is not relevant to the person`s housing application or to the provision of services under the tenancy agreement, tenants may require that no information be used. After signing your lease, this is a legal document between you and the North East Derbyshire District Council (NEDDC). NEDDC is your landlord and Rykneld Homes is the real estate agent responsible for managing your lease. 28 days` notice are required by a tenant who wishes to give up his name from a joint tenancy agreement. Complete the change in the rental – Shared rent abandoned form (21kb, PDF) . Until the end of the notice period, both parties will be held jointly responsible for all accommodation costs. Rykneld Homes Ltd. already complies with the Data Protection Act. The personal and sensitive information provided by clients is used to assess the priority of housing application and the provision of services under the rental agreement.

To ensure that North East Derbyshire District Council and Rykneld Homes comply with the new data protection laws, which come into force on 1 May 2018, we have updated the privacy policy to register customer permissions. This is the contract between the Council as a lessor and all new tenants after April 1, 2000. It will take 12 months, after that it will be a Secure Tenancy, unless steps are taken to complete it before the 12-month expiry. The right to buy allows most council tenants to buy their board home at a discount. Thank you very much! You are now logged in for updates. Please return the completed forms to Warwick District Council. If you are a tenant of a Council unit, you can apply for a lease with your partner. The availability of your rental account is up to date and there are no arrears that you can request by filling out the application for a common rental form (31kb, PDF). The latest information on coronavirus in our district can be found in our COVID-19 section. Remember – wash your hands, cover your face and make space. Do it for Derbyshire.

Get the latest news and currents right in your inbox. The North East Derbyshire District Council has launched an online application process for three funds created to facilitate the access of district businesses to grants to those hard hit by national and local COVID 19 restrictions. General Information on Council Housing and Services for the Elderly and Vulnerable When applying for housing at Rykneld Homes or when signing a rental agreement, we will ask the client to read and sign the privacy statement – which explains exactly what data we will collect and how we will use it. Municipalities in North East Derbyshire can help put a smile on the faces of hundreds of residents who no longer need to see this Christmas because of Covid-19.