Full Device Payment Agreement Verizon

You make payments every month on your bill. You cannot make advances except to pay the full amount. Any additional payments you make would simply head to your bill, not explicitly to reduce the credit on your device. If a customer performed an early device upgrade action and needs to return their device to the current as part of the action, how would they return the device? No, a customer must have an active Verizon wireless mobile phone number to get a payment agreement for the device. *If it is still within the 14-day return and exchange period of the device, you can only pay for the device at a Verizon retail store. You can pay for a device that has suspended service in the same way that you pay for any device with a payment credit from the device. Yes. Customers who qualify to participate in the MORE Everything plan can then stick to it, add new devices, update devices, or change data allowances as they see fit. Below is a complete overview of how Verizon`s device payments work and the rules for their payment plan, starting with basic information about the device`s payment plan. Where are the device`s paylines displayed on the invoice? Yes, the name “Verizon Edge” has been changed in the verizon device`s payment program, but there is no change to the agreement, allowing customers to expect the same payment plan as before.