Global Alliance Agreement

The costs of a global strategic alliance are generally shared equitably between the parties and are generally the least costly way for all parties involved to enter into a partnership. In contrast, an acquisition offers a faster start in developing an overseas market, but tends to be a much more expensive venture for the lowering business – a business likely largely beyond the reach of a solo operator. While a global strategic alliance works well for the expansion of the core business and the use of existing geographic markets, an acquisition works best for the immediate penetration of new geographies. Therefore, an alliance offers a good solution for global distributors who do not have the necessary distribution to travel to overseas markets. They must also keep abreast of the political and economic stability of the host country. Contact the local economic development offices of the host country. You should be able to assess the country`s future investment climate and see past, present and future growth trends. This will give you a better idea of the type of risks you will take if you continue with the Alliance. About WorleyParsons WorleyParsons is a professional services provider for the raw materials and energy industries as well as the complex process industry. Services cover the full range of assets, both in terms of size and life cycle, from the creation of new assets to services that receive and enhance operational assets. WorleyParsons is headquartered in Australia and has a large global presence with 163 branches in 41 countries.