Sample Scrum Team Agreements

Dormant notifications are a way to get some focus time for individuals The team could be geared towards a period that they also want to keep for focused work. Is it worth wondering if there are hours outside the borders? “Golden Hours” describes hours during the day when the light is perfect for photographers and filmmakers. These are the best hours of the day for productive work. Does your team know its golden hours? (Thanking Dan Radigan for the term and Max Heiliger for sharing Dan`s excellent contribution). Let`s start with the definition: work agreements are standards or guidelines developed by a team to improve its interactions for higher performance and create a common language. In practice, these agreements define the expectations of the group, define paths of cooperation and create the kind of atmosphere necessary for sensitive and psychologically safe work. This first meeting got off to a good start. While the SM mentioned that their team only needed a minimum of advice, as they were fine, they looked happy that I joined the team. The PO was new both in the company and in a PO role. Although she didn`t have an agile background, she was very excited to learn something about Agile and mentioned that she would welcome and appreciate any coaching that would help her set her up for success.

We left the first meeting on a high note. My goal of getting permission to be a coach was achieved. Are time zones also important in our context? Do we understand the times when we can work seamlessly with our teammates or stakeholders in other time zones? (See WorldTimeBuddy below, thanks to Pieter V) In the next retrospective, I decided to test the waters first. I talked about how I met my wife and played our wedding dance video (which turned out to be a big hit among Indian teams). Next, the SM shared family photos and talked about each of his children and their interests. The PO opened up about his move from Seattle and the stress that had caused, especially with the repackaging and moving of a huge house. One after another, the team opened up, and when I turned around, people started to go wrong and pour out their hearts. Some stories made the teams sad, some stories made the teams happy, but everyone shared something close and dear to them, and the emotions were high. We celebrated with a team member who beamed with pride and told us that his daughter had been admitted to a very prestigious university. We cried with another who said that a parent was suffering from an illness and how difficult it had been to care for her. The team exchanged delicious recipes and enjoyed looking at family photos and hearing the stories behind them.