Trusted Exchange Framework And Common Agreement

The joint agreement will establish basic technical and legal requirements for health information networks, designated as Qualified Health Information Networks (QHNs) as part of the TEFCA framework. The Sequoia project is also the Recognized Coordinating Entity (NCE) for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT`s Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA), for which it will develop, implement and maintain the TEFCA Common Agreement component and operational the process for designating and monitoring the Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN). For more information on the Sequoia project and its initiatives, see Follow The Sequoia Project on Twitter: @SequoiaProject. The NCE and each QHIN would enter into a joint agreement. With RCE that offers supervision of the framework. This problem is the quality of the data we have and share. Until we have a better understanding of the quality of our data in each participant, we have an inherent risk of sharing a virus instead of a cure. If you think back to our Schoober analogy, you want to make sure your student has been properly vaccinated before sending them to school to avoid a measles outbreak. To tackle this, I think we need to think about how to improve the quality of the information we share.

I do not want to sound pessimistic. I think TEFCA is a big step in the right direction. All we need to know is that until we tackle the problem of data quality, we may not get the results we expect. If we do not receive these results at first, we should resist the urge to throw the baby out with the bathwater. .