Vermont State Police Collective Bargaining Agreement

O`Neil said that in negotiations with the state that concluded in December, his goal was to achieve the 2.5 percent increase obtained by members of the Vermont State Employees Association during contract negotiations for 2015. “We were happy that they were able to get the same deal we made,” Gibson said. The Vermont State Troopers Association will receive a 2.5 percent increase as part of a new collective agreement. However, the increase for soldiers comes because budget cuts are willing to impose burdens on other civil servants. The governor`s office is looking for savings on labor within public authorities to fill the state`s budget deficit, which now exceeds US$110 million. Earlier this week, members of the VSEA called on the government to find another way to find ways to reduce state employees. Until last week, the agreement had been ratified but had not yet been signed by the two sides, according to a statement from the HRD. These collective agreements are proposed for the sake of convenience and improved accessibility on the Internet. Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy and consistency of this material with the official printed version. In case there are discrepancies between the two, the official printed version will be the priority.

“We thought it was a fair deal,” O`Neil said thursday by phone. According to estimates by the Joint Tax Office, between 150 and 200 civil servants could be dismissed to meet budgetary needs. . Under the new contract on 87 sides, the rates of pay for union members are between $17.43 and $36.64 per hour. The Vermont State Police will receive a total of $58.88 million in budget 2016, primarily from the General Fund and the Transportation Fund. In total, the department receives about $100,000 less than last year. . For several years, the City has released $30,000 for the application of traffic, mainly to combat speeding. In the past, the city has shared these funds and entered into contracts with both the National Police and the Chittenden County Sheriff`s Office for these services ($15,000 each). Firstly, we contacted these agencies to encourage them to increase their working time in order to use the full amount of the contract for this financial year (until 30 June).

As stated in the city`s report, in recent years we have not always exhausted our total budget for traffic implementation. Second, for the upcoming fiscal year (GJ15-16, July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016), the Selectboard has decided to use the Sheriff`s Department exclusively for our traffic enforcement contract. Third, after speaking with the sheriff`s office, we update our contract to reflect our desire to focus on the city streets where traffic is most important (for example. B Old Stage Rd, Woods Hollow Rd, Cambridge Rd, etc.) and focus on the time of day at which we see our most important traffic (for example.B. morning and evening summits). . . .