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Skinny Scarf Silk Twill
Polar Skinny Silk Scarf

Larzac & Loddon was set up by Frances Macve, an oil painter by trade with paintings hanging proudly in homes all over europe for over 25 years.

Having noticed that tastes where changing and oil paintings striking many as an huge mental and financial commitment she decided to make her work more accessible by printing them on a variety of luxury items all using the most natural  and traditional materials possible.   Silks, cotton velvets and bone china, a happy marriage of traditional and contemporay methods and ideas combined to create an item you will want to wear or display in your home.

Every effort is made to ensure these products, all of which are made in Britain by hard working individuals, are made using the most environmentally sound methods possible.

All fabrics are printed digitally, whilst this sounds less romantic than screen printing it  not only gives incredible detail and colour, but also does away with the need for screens and excessive ink and water waste.